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Volkswagen The Future Of Beetle Ride

If you would ask a certain person which car manufacturer put some beetle-design in the streets, you would always expect him to answer Volkswagen. By its trademark shape, no wonder it is unnecessary for them to put their name on its bumper. Based in Wolfsburg Germany, Volkswagen has been ranked as one of the top four car manufacturers in the world. These German-made cars also share its accolade with other famous manufacturers like Ford, General Motors, and Toyota. Volkswagen was well-known for its beetle design cars; however, over the course of time Volkswagen has evolved dramatically over the years with adding different models with do not have the typical beetle design on it.

Other Volkswagen car models such as Polo and Golf looks the average cars that you will see on the street with no hunchback or beetle looking design anymore. But you can still see the beetle designed car of Volkswagen on rare occasion but not as much as you can see some other cars of modern designs such as Ford, Toyota and Mercedes Benz. For years, this has been a challenge posed for Volkswagen.

While popularity of the beetle had been waning for years, its renaissance has been awakening after some long years of slumber. The tandem with Sony, the world's leader in consumer and high-end electronics, has come up with the latest state-of-the-art hybrid battery system integrated in most of their design. This has prompted its CEO, Martin Winterkorn, to announce to the general public the plan of Volkswagen to release these cars in the future. With the CEO's announcement, outdated models, like Polo and Golf, will be remodeled in a considerable period of time. This could be another great leap for Volkswagen in its latest innovation.

While the demand for lesser greenhouse gas emission has posed a great challenge for every manufacturer, Volkswagen is way ahead in developing an earth-friendly car. This has made them not only the leader in design, but, the leading technology in terms of being environment-friendly. While these cars will soon be out in the market, enthusiasts are expected to line up in every car shows to get a glimpse of this hybrid car from Volkswagen. Of course, buyers cannot rid of the temptation to buy one. Matching up with its new stylish model, one can get the Volkswagen keychains. This accessory will add chic to these cars making the ride not only a worthwhile experience, but fashionable as well.

If style is not enough, one can always engrave in his Volkswagen keychain his name or the model of his car. Customization does not only limit there, one can either have the logo of Volkswagen on it. This has been a commitment by Volkswagen to its adherents and one way of getting closer to them by giving custom-made freebies to suit their individual styles. Volkswagen has always been there since late 1930's creating and manufacturing cars at par quality. Up to this present, Volkswagen keeps its standards as to manufacturing cars that will deliver optimal performance having at par quality car right at your home.

The beetle has always been there and everybody knows, will remember that this brand name Volkswagen had attracted a lot of people to use this type of car over the years and had continued to make life even better.

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