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Summer Is Tempting For Car Thieves

Be careful this summer. Car thieves are so tempted to do their deeds during these hot summer months.This is according to Help Eliminate Auth Thefts, or much known as HEAT. The group warns that such a situation is very true for car owners are the ones who get careless during such a season.

This then gives car thieves easy access to vehicles. And to back this up, the 2006 FBI Uniform Crime Report also has statistics that shows that indeed, motor vehicle theft, is in its peak during July and August.And this not only is true for 2006. This situation has been consistent through years.Terri Miller is the director of HEAT.

Miller states, "As warm weather sets in, people tend to relax their guard by leaving car tops and windows down when they leave their vehicles. This makes it easy for thieves to steal exposed property like purses, laptops and cell phones ? not to mention the vehicle itself.".

Even Lt.John Milchalke had something to say: "Always keep a watchful eye on your property, especially in the summer. Just as you lock your front door before leaving your house, be sure to secure all car doors before stepping away from your vehicle, even when running a quick errand.

" Michalke is from the Macomb Auto Theft Squad.HEAT discloses that being vigilant and being careful helps you maintain your chances of having your vehicle still in place and intact when you come back for it.They suggest that as car owners, you should close your windows tightly and it is important that you always lock your car if you are going to be away from it, even for just a couple of seconds of minutes. Any valuables should be kept out of sight.

If these are in plain sight, these could spark off the longing for car thieves to go right on and take your car away.

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By: Terry Brown

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