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Sometimes Its The Law to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet

Did you know that there is a 35% greater possibility for a motorcycle rider to suffer a head injury during an accident if he is not wearing a helmet? According the National Traffic Safety Administration this rate is increasingly higher than if two automobiles were involved in a similar accident. The way to lower a motorcycle riders chances of injury when in an accident, especially one involving an automobile, is to simply wear a helmet. Many states now require a motorcycle rider to wear a helmet although is some states it is still optional to the rider.

Many motorcycle rider still choose to wear a helmet even in the states that give them the option. These riders can see the importance of the protection that a helmet offers them if they were ever in an accident. While helmets do protect the head, face, mouth and ears there are also other features that tempt many motorcycle riders to wear helmets. Motorcycle helmets also can be purchase with a communication system that allows the riders to converse back and forth among their group with out having to use their hands.

Allowing them the ability to keep both hands on the bike, giving them better control over it while still being able to talk with those in their riding group. Even if you would rather not wear a motorcycle helmet the amount of protection they provide might just win you over. Not to mention that there is such a wide range of styles, colors and protection levels offered that most riders just can't say no to wearing a helmet. Maybe you're a person who would rather be able to feel the wind of the open road touching your face instead of a helmet.

Why not try a helmet that has an open face so you can still feel the wind but also be protected? For those who would rather have their face protected from rocks, sand or anything else that might fly your way while riding then you can choose a helmet with a face shield that flips down to cover your face. Many motorcycle riders think that a helmet is going to be uncomfortable to wear. While that might have been true years ago many advancements have been made to increase the protection level of a helmet while also increasing the comfort ability of the helmets. You may now notice that many helmets have a foam or fabric on the interior of the helmet. This addition is for two reasons.

One reason is because it make the helmet more comfortable to wear and allows the rider the ability to wear the helmet for longer spans of time. The other reason for this addition is the fact that it offers the rider more protection in the event of an accident. When choosing a motorcycle helmet take the time to look at the protection factors and what the helmet can provide the wearer with if they are ever in a crash. Many people will purchase either the most expensive helmet or the cheapest helmet but the protection factors should be the most important thing when it comes to purchasing a motorcycle helmet.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that there is about a 40% chance that a motorcycle rider who is in an accident without wearing a helmet will have a serious head injury. They also say that out of that 40% there is also another 15% chance that the rider without a helmet will be fatally injured from a head injury. While some riders dislike the idea of having to wear a helmet these facts alone are enough to make most riders choose to wear a helmet every time they fire up their motorcycle.

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