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Solar Power Your Recreational Vehicle Today

Most recreational vehicles have generators to make electricity to power up the appliances, air-conditioning, television, microwave and other electrical comforts of their portable home. But what they really need is a robust solar powered system to power up their RV. And due to the increases in battery life and solar cell efficiencies it is starting to make a lot of sense.

Plus the prices have come down quite a bit also.You see, I travel full time in an RV (NASCAR or Indy Car Truck Converted) and I can foresee a day when I am totally generator free. Currently I live off the grid and use a combo of sorts of energy.Solar is so excellent however, because it makes no CO2 when there is no wind around and it makes no noise.

So, I am VERY pro-solar.The trick is to control the high-energy draws of certain appliances and put together a complete package that works. Many of the full-time RV'ers have converted to at least some solar power and some have gone all the way, eventually would like to also.

If you own an RV and use it a lot you are very wise to do this and I very much applaud you. Solar Powered Recreational Vehicles are just one way to help break our habit and addiction to Foreign Middle Eastern Oil.So, consider this in 2006.

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