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Should You Buy Your Teen A New Car

One dilemma parents face when their teens get their license is whether or not they should buy their teen a new car. While some parents rush out to get their teen the newest car they can afford, it is often smarter not to do that. It is kind for parents to get their child a car, however their first car should probably not be very expensive.That being said, you should not expect your teen to drive around in a car that is not safe or that may break down easily. You need a reliable used car for them that will get them from point A to point B with no problem.

However, you will need to expect they will likely drink and eat in the car so you don't want them ruined the interior of a nice vehicle.You can always start them off with a used car and have them prove their responsibility. If they take care of the used car, you can move them up to a more expensive car as they graduate. For a more responsible approach, you can always require your child to save their money for their own car, or get a job to help pay for theirs.

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