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You worked hard to put yourself in a position to afford that dream weekend cruiser you always wanted. Most likely it was a car you loved when you were growing up and set your mind on buying one at some point in your life. Now you have it.

Is it protected properly?

How many people have their dream car properly secured with an appropriate security system? Probably not many. I know I didn't have a security system for any of the three cars I had. My first car was actually parked outside in my driveway and it wasn't the best neighborhood.

I am currently without my weekend car, I sold my last one, a 13,000 mile 1987 Buick Grand National, when my daughter was born.

One thing is for sure though, I will have a system put in for my next car, when it does come. My mother-in-law's house was broken into a few days before Christmas last year. She had a lot of her most valuable possessions stolen.She was lucky enough that the police caught the crooks the next day at the pawn shop. But, it caused me to take a closer look at how secure my home was.

I previously thought that if you wanted a really quality system you needed to pay a monthly monitoring fee to one of the big companies such as ADT or Brinks. I soon found out this was not the case at all. You can actually build a much more effective system on your own for far less money than those companies.Only 12.9% of burglars are caught throughout the whole country.

I would hate to see my car stolen when I get my next one, which I hope will be soon.

I often talk to many people on the various discussion boards I am a member of and a lot of them are in the same boat I was, they had no idea what they could do for so little money.As a result of technology advancing so quickly you can actually buy color video cameras, a set of three for roughly $170.

You can add in a recording device for even less than that. You can buy motion sensors that will turn lights on in your home if any motion is detected in your yard. You can attach speakers that give off the sound of an angry barking dog when motion is detected.I don't know about you but if I were a crook looking to break in and steal something, like a car, I would not go to the house with the angry dog in the garage. There are endless amounts of possibilities on what you can do to protect your house, garage, or more importantly, that weekend toy. One thing I will be doing for sure is the cameras.

In the event my car is stolen this will increase my chances my car will be found or they person that stole my car will be caught because I will have video proof of who took it.

Many car lovers spend thousands of dollars on their cars.They spend hours washing and waxing their rides. They have emotional connections with their cars in most cases.

What is a couple hundred dollars to prevent it from being taken? When you think about it, isn't it a must have for your car?.

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