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Why You Should Purchase a Sports Car

In a car culture dominated by SUV's, family sedans and economy cars, sports cars stand out in the crowd. There are a variety of selling points for all types of automobiles, but sports cars are uniquely attractive for at least five reasons.

Driving Quality

Whereas other automobile types are designed with function and affordability in mind, sports cars are focused on performance. The quality of a sports car driving experience is unparalleled. Drivers are able to hug turns, accelerate quickly when necessary and have a level of driving control not offered by the larger vehicles with which they share the road.

If you, as a driver, are concerned with the quality of your driving experience, there is no real alternative to a true sports car. Designed with the most discriminating drivers in mind, sports cars trump the performance of other vehicles easily. One need only take a spin in an oversized SUV and compare it to the driving experience they find in a quality sports car to understand the significant difference.


Appearance may not be the chief reason to make an automotive investment, but when confronted with today's highways littered with cookie-cutter cars, a discriminating buyer can find an escape with a beautifully designed sports car.

Function can be important, but there is room even in the utilitarian world of automobiles to seek out something more aesthetically pleasing. We often spend a great deal of time in and around are cars. Those who want to spend that time in the company of good design are likely to find the sleek lines and measured appearance of sports cars a welcome respite from the dull boxes on wheels so many people choose to use for transportation.

Residual Value

Every new car depreciates the second the ignition key is turned, but some cars are better at holding their value than others. A scant few may actually become more valuable with the passage of time. Sports cars, due to their aforementioned beauty and quality are more likely to become future classics and strong value-holders than many other automobiles.

Take a quick glance through the classified advertisements. Which older cars are still demanding a strong price? You are sure to notice that economy cars and generic pickup trucks are fetching far less than high-performance sports cars. And consider the classic cars for which collectors now yearn. How many enthusiasts are searching for old Chryslers? By comparison, how many would be interested in a vintage Corvette? Sports cars have a much greater potential of becoming coveted possessions.

Individual Expression

Every purchase says something about the buyer. Someone who wants to blend into the crowd is likely to purchase an automobile that blends into traffic. There are those, however, who want to take ach and every opportunity to express their individuality. Sports cars make up a relatively small percentage of the cars on the road. Sports car ownership thus gives one an opportunity to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

One need not turn their automobile choice into a statement. But the opportunity to do so is there if one desires. Sports car ownership makes a statement of individuality and displays a desire to stand out where others seek only to blend in.


There are intangible benefits to sports car ownership that difficult to qualify or quantify. Chief among these is the pure entertainment and fun one can have with their sports car. One can talk about hugging a curve without taking their foot off the gas or zipping through slow traffic while remaining in complete control. One can discuss the feeling of satisfaction they take from knowing they are operating a true example of great engineering. These various observations and explanations all add up to the almost inexplicable fun inherent in sports car driving.

Sports cars are iconic. They have a mystique. That mystique is impossible to totally define or pigeonhole, but it exists. Its existence is born out again and again as top designers fret over the smallest details and accomplished drivers relish the opportunity to test the latest models. Sports car ownership is, at its core, fun.

There is undoubtedly a litany of justifications for purchasing an economy car. SUV owners certainly have a logical explanation for their purchases. None of the utilitarian laundry lists favoring other models, however, can be quite as compelling as the reasons to buy a sports car.

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