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How To Get Better Gas Mileage And Save Fuel

As fuel prices continue to go up you may be figuring out how to increase gas mileage. If you are looking for ways to improve gas mileage or increase fuel efficiency there are several do it yourself solutions available to consider as part of your standard vehicle maintenance. Doing a tune up could improve gas mileage up to 20% or more if a faulty oxygen sensor is found. This is extreme but if your engine is idling roughly or hesitating and spiting smoke out the tail pipe then you should and get a full engine tune up you should increase gas mileage and possibly improve the life of your engine saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in future repairs.

Checking your tire pressure could save money. Some people overlook this maintenance and it is best checked monthly. By keeping your tires at recommended pressure as outlined in your owners manual you can get better gas mileage of 2-3%.

The net results is you could save hundreds of dollars of more because when your tires are inflated properly it also extends the life of your tires. Driving habits can have a real adverse affect on mileage. Driving habits can be finding the shortest way home or the route that is the most direct and has the least amount of stops along the way. If you have been asking yourself how to get better gas mileage this is a big factor.

Find an online mapping service that shows you direct routes. Do you use your vehicle or car trunk as a storage unit? By eliminating every 100lbs in your vehicle you could be increasing gas mileage by a percentage point. Many people are so extreme in this extra weight that they may only keep their gas tank partially filled to reduce weight. Gas weighs about 6.

1 pounds per gallon at room temperature. If your are deciding on how to increase gas mileage there are many solutions to help help improve gas mileage.

Discover How To Improve Gas Mileage or HHO Gas

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