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With the "master" bedroom over the truck bed, fifth wheel travel trailers, or "fivers" as they are sometimes called, have become the RV of choice for many full time RVers. With all of the comforts of home, the fifth wheel trailer is perfectly suited for fulltiming. In addition, the towing vehicle can be unhitched from the RV and used as a day-to-day car or truck -no need to tow a compact car on an A-frame like some big rigs! Specs of a 5th wheel RV: ?Size: 21 to 40 feet (excluding tow vehicle) ?Price Range: Prices vary greatly, from as low as $15,000 to over $100,000 ?Sleeps: Up to 8 people, depending upon make and model Features: ?The unique bi-level dimension of the fifth wheel travel trailer raises the unit's spacious "master bedroom" over the truck bed, providing more room for family activities in the "living" section of the unit. Many have large picture windows at the rear for panoramic views. Add in a slideout for the living/dining area, and one for the bedroom area, and it is easy to see why the fifth wheel travel trailer has become the RV choice for many full time motor home families. ?As with all towables, the fifth wheel trailer is designed to be detached at the camping destination, freeing up the towing vehicle for short trips and excursions, running errands and other conventional uses.

?A fifth wheel trailer has a towing hitch that requires a properly equipped and compatible full-size pickup truck or a custom tow vehicle. It is very important that the weight of the fifth wheel trailer is matched to the tow vehicle with the necessary towing capacity. Unless you already own the proper tow vehicle, this requirement is one potential drawback for the first time fifth wheel trailer purchaser.

Newer lightweight fifth wheel trailers have recently been introduced, designed to be light enough to be towed by smaller trucks. ?Towing a fifth wheel travel trailer is easier and more stable than towing most other RV trailers. Since the hitch is placed in the pickup truck bed directly over the rear tires of the tow vehicle, traction, handling, stability and safety are all improved. ?Fifth wheel trailers are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, equipment and appliances. In the largest fifth wheel trailers, some of the appliances normally found only in high-end motorhomes, such as washers, dryers and on-board generators are featured.

?With the maximum amount of living space, safe and stable towing and reasonable price ranges, the fifth wheel travel trailer may be the ideal solution for many full time RV/motorhomers.

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