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Why You Should Cover Up Your Sports Car

Many sports car owners do not drive their special vehicle on a daily basis and some who do drive their sports car regularly lack an indoor garage. With protecting the beauty and investment value of a sports car being a natural priority, it is essential for sports car enthusiasts to understand car covers.

A car cover is akin to a tarp designed to fit your sports car snugly. A cover is designed to protect the vehicle from common sources of damage. Many a sports car's paint job has been ruined by tree sap when parked carelessly beneath a tree, and many drivers have undoubtedly noticed significant fading when paint has been exposed to the sun and elements for an extended period of time. An investment in a car cover can prevent these maladies, as well as many other common sources of vehicle damage.

Quality car covers can be purchased for under $100 US in most cases. Some covers are designed to fit sports cars that fall within a general size range, but for many popular models of sports cars, custom-fit covers are available, as well. Either alternative can successfully protect your sports car from damage, although a custom-fit cover may be easier to use and should be more form fitting than a more generic alternative.

There are basically two kinds of car covers one may encounter--water repellant covers and waterproof covers. Instinctively, one may believe a completely waterproof model would be the preferred cover type. This instinct, however, is incorrect. Water repellant covers allow for breathability and prevent the accumulation of moisture under the cover. A waterproof cover, on the other hand, may do a slightly better job of blocking a large rainfall from sneaking under the cover, but will trap any moisture under the tarp, including natural sources such as condensation, increasing the risk of oxidation and eventual visible rusting.

Waterproof car covers are generally priced less than water repellant covers. The difference in price is not a fluke, nor is it an indicator of greater value from a waterproof cover purchase for your sports car. Water repellant covers are priced slightly higher simply because they can do a better job of protecting your sports car.

Even those with enclosed storage locations can benefit from the use of a car cover when the auto is not being used. A covered car in a garage is much less likely to be subjected to an inadvertent scratch, a child's greasy handprint or any of the other assorted minor hazards that might be present. Dust accumulation is also reduced, which is both good for the sports car itself, and also assists in making cleanup easier before the car is returned to the road.

When one considers the potential dangers faced by an uncovered sports car--from small bad luck scratches to significant sun-produced fading, it makes sense to purchase the relatively inexpensive car cover. Even a small repair to a sports car's finish will often easily exceed the cost of a cover.

Sports car drivers are often critical of car insurance rates, complaining that the premiums they pay are never justified by any claims that are made. One can argue about the cost of insurance relative to its likely use, but the use of car covers is clearly a financial win for the sports car enthusiast. A small investment in either a car cover that fits your vehicle will automatically pay for itself within a very short period of time. Anyone who is considering the purchase of a sports car, or who already owns a sports car should not hesitate to add a car cover to his or her list of must-have accessories.

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