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The science jerks have long told us how inefficient internal combustion engines are and they have been lying through their rotten teeth. And we have all bought one more big lie. More than 55 years ago Canadian inventor Charles Pogue invented a hot vapor carburetor that pushed a 1937 Ford V-8 sedan well past 200 MPG and if there was emissions testing in the late 40s we would have seen that tailpipe emissions were cleaner than now.

The problem with the Pogue carburetor was poor power due to its hot vapor design and erroneous spark timing. What Charles Pogue proved was what every real scientist knew.Liquid fossil fuels will not burn and excess liquid is used by engineers to moderate average cylinder temperatures. So Charles pre vaporized all his fuel after start up with exhaust heat. His financial backer skipped out on him because Charles refused to fix the performance problem and the backer felt he could not market the economy - performance tradeoff.

But heat is by no means the only way to vaporize liquid fossil fuels.Negative pressure or vacuum, the principle by which a carbureted engine operates, will quickly vaporize fossil fuels or alcohols for that matter. Ditto for plain old fashioned air flow, the other principle by which all combustion engines operate. Cold vapor makes much more power than hot and can be easily provided on any carbureted engine.While I have previously published articles explaining how a carburetor can be modified to meter cold vapor and a fuel tank can be converted into a bubbler that supplies the modified carburetor, I had a flash of inspirational insight about 8 months ago.

We can vaporize liquid fuel below a modified carburetor and eliminate the bubbler altogether. The secret is open celled racing fuel cell foam.The stuff racers use in racing fuel cells to prevent fuel slosh and make containers less prone to rupture upon impact. A one to two inch carburetor spacer, purchased from a speed shop or racer supply company with a wire screen and double gasket sandwich below the carburetor spacer will retain one to four snug fitting plugs of fuel cell foam cut low enough to allow the throttle plates to open without interference. If the racing supply company makes no spacer for your particular carburetor, you can make your own with aluminum plate and an electric drill and hand file or rotary grinder. Nothing about a carbureted vapor fuel conversion is expensive.

There are two tricky parts to a conversion. The first is modifying a factory carburetor to flow a minimum of 5% of its designed fuel flow and a maximum of 10% for power circuit.I won't go into detail here. The second part is spark timing. When pure vapor in air is ignited with no liquid fuel available to soak up the heat, the fire burns many times faster and quite a lot hotter. Too little fuel and you will make too little power.

Too much fuel and you will increase the burn duration to the point you melt pistons and valves. Always better to have too little fuel than too much.Racers, building a fast burn vapor engine can coat valves, piston crowns and combustion chambers with thermal barrier coatings and have supercharged power outputs with no supercharger.Now don't go writing me asking if I have done a successful conversion.

I have not.Had I done so, you would not be reading this now. I knew from the beginning I would never be allowed to bring this to market, just as dozens or hundreds of others have not. The people who have enriched themselves by wasting 95% of these valuable resources to poison the planet will not allow this to come to market before they are making money hand over fist from the new hydrogen economy they intend to operate and control.By the time I came up with a marketing plan that would not allow anyone to stop me, I was legally blind, poor as a church mouse and thoroughly disgusted. But if you want to take a shot at conversion with a second, carbureted vehicle, go to my web site, get my Email address and I will assist any way I can.

I no longer care who profits from my education but I want to cost certain corporate powers billions if I can, and I can with a little help.

.Ed Howes sought and found, knocked and entered.Now he sees things differently. To see more of what he sees, please visit http://www. or do an author search here at Ezine Articles.

By: Ed Howes

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