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Car dealerships use Bluetooth to reach new customers

Vehicle dealerships looking for unique ways to promote their newest models while setting themselves apart from the competition have an interesting tool at their disposal ? the cellular phone. Already being used for much more than just talk, consumers have embraced the mobile phone, making it the most successful piece of portable consumer electronics ever. Now, in addition to staying connected, taking pictures, playing games, and listening to music, consumers can use the cell phone to help them shop for a new car. Through some clever use of Bluetooth technology, vehicle dealerships can automatically send promotions, video brochures, and contact details straight to the mobile phones of customers as they walk near or into the showroom. Called simply Bluetooth or Proximity Marketing, the idea quite unique. A special Bluetooth server is set up in the showroom, continuously scanning for the presence of Bluetooth enabled mobile devices.

As soon as someone comes within range with their Bluetooth enabled mobile device, the server sends a message to the user's phone, asking if they wish to get free content from the dealership. This could be a coupon with a special offer, an e-card with full contact details, even a video brochure of a new vehicle. If the user responds with a "Yes", the file is transferred right to their phone. If the user declines, the server remembers this and won't ask the same user again in the future. So, aside from the novelty factor, what's in it for the car dealer? Well, for one thing, it gives them a great opportunity to send customers their contact details, stored as a regular phone book entry in their cell phones. Retailers all know that their customers will more than likely shop at many different locations before making a final decision, so it's very important that prospective purchasers have the dealer's full contact details handy when they are ready to buy.

What better place to have that than in the buyer's own cell phone. What's more, customers can easily pass along this "e-card" via Bluetooth to their friends and family. Along with contact details, a video of a hot new car model could also be sent, or maybe details of a special financing offer.

With a little imagination, car dealers could really connect with their customers in a fun and unique way. Consumers appreciate the special offers they can receive on their phones, and also the convenience of having contact details right on their phones instead of having to keep track of business cards. Plus, they can always choose to opt out of this type of marketing entirely, just by clicking No to the prompts. Best of all, one of the biggest benefits of Bluetooth Markeitng over other, more traditional forms of promotions, is cost. Since all transmissions occur over Bluetooth channels, there are never any fees associated with sending or receiving files. Once the initial equipment is purchased, the campaigns are essentially free to run.

Bluetooth Marketing has already been used very successfully in Europe, and companies in the United States are just starting to realize the potential of this technology. More and more people are looking to their mobile phones to do everything from taking snapshots, playing music, even surfing the internet. To that list, they can now add car shopping.

If you would like to find out more about Bluetooth Marketing, please visit the website of ZipZone Media at:

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