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For those of us who love motorcycles and off road sports we know that having the power at your wrist is paramount to getting out of a tricky situation. But we also realize there are limits to the ability of the vehicle to rapidly accelerate. It seems that perhaps there should be a way to accelerate more rapidly when needed on ATVs or all-terrain vehicles and this would make them more exhilarating and fun.

And consider if you will for a moment the potential eventuality of combat forces using ATVs in the desert against the enemy to rapidly advance on their positions. If the ATV warning system warns you that your enemy is locked on you and is firing, well wouldn't it be nice to hyperspace a little and instantly get out of the gun sight?.Indeed, that makes sense and I believe there is a way to help increase the speed using standard racing gear; that is to say Nitrous Oxide and a little something extra. How so you ask? Well what if we have a way to fire a laser into the cylinder and superheat the engine to its upper limits while forcing pressurized nitrous oxide into the chamber? This would literally make the ATV a rocket ship for short bursts of acceleration or just enough to dodge the bullet and live to fight another day.

As the United States Army launches its future fighting force initiatives and uses multiple types of new battlefield hardware like super high-tech ATVs why not go all out to win? Consider this in 2006.

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